The order of the climbing places

Although I will try to post the climbing places I (we) have gone in chronological order of climb (I have something like 24 posts to write!!), the outdoor climbing season is starting again and the new places will have more "weight" when posting them (using too much physicist jargon, perhaps). Also, some places we have been (for... Continue Reading →

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Alpstein: Schafberg and Bollenwees (Switzerland)

we are back in the mountains (finally!), after many days with crappy weather being confined to the Sandstone climbs in Palatine and Alsace (Germany and France). Even our sport climbing trips (a trip to Catalunya) was interrupted due rain! This is a rainy year, not so nice for climbing, at least for us...

Sandstone season open: Alsace 1.0

Sandstone climbing feels always different than normal sport climbing, in particular after a long time going mainly for limestone climbs. It is demanding, but it is also a good training for mountains. However, the sandstone walls and towers in Alsace feel always more friendly, shorter run-outs and harder sandstone. As the temperature has been so... Continue Reading →

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